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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does vinyl siding compare with other siding materials?
In a way, it's almost no contest. When compared to wood, brick, stone, stucco, and metal sidings on the basis of initial cost, maintenance costs, appearance, durability and value, vinyl siding is clearly superior.

2. Isn't it less costly to just repaint my home?
Investing in new siding can prove to be an excellent choice in terms of payback. Compare the ongoing costs of painting every three to five years to a one-time investment in new vinyl siding. For most homeowners the conclusion is obvious vinyl siding is by far the better long-term value.

3. How does the cost of vinyl siding compare to the added resale value it provides?
In terms of adding resale value to your home, vinyl siding is one of the best investments you can make. Exterior improvements such as the installation of vinyl siding also make a home more attractive on the market

My home is partially brick and partially wood siding. Can I still use vinyl siding?
Vinyl siding is extremely versatile and can be used with just about any exterior building material brick, cinder block, even natural logs and field stones.

5. Is vinyl siding really as durable as everyone says?
Absolutely. The correct technical name for the material used in vinyl siding is polyvinyl chloride. It's a strong, durable, proven material that has earned a solid reputation for its beauty and permanence.

6. If painting isn't required, how do I maintain my vinyl siding?
It's simple. There really is no maintenance, just occasional cleaning.

7. Is one season better than another to have my new siding installed?
Not really. You can have your vinyl siding installed in any season, as your schedule and budget allow. But keep in mind that some contractors are more available during the off-seasons.

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